Торфопредприятие "Пельгорское-М"

Pure peat


Pure peat is used in open and protected ground (greenhouses) in the agricultural sector, private farms. It is prepared with use of high-bog peat with a low degree of decomposition followed by cleaning from large inclusions and division per particle sizes. The extraction and processing technology ensures the preservation of the peat’s natural long-fiber structure. Finished products are characterized by homogeneous composition, good aeration and high moisture capacity.



Mode of application
  • Peait is produced from pure upper peat of low decomposition degree with subsequent purification from large inclusions and separation into fractions
  • suitable for growing for acidic plants
  • peat is the basis for the preparation of soils for any species of plants
  • peat is characterized by homogeneity of composition, good aeration and high moisture capacity

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