Торфопредприятие "Пельгорское-М"
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Our company is engaged in the extraction and processing of peat. The company owns the Greko-Ushakovskoye field with an area of ​​one thousand hectares, located 75 kilometers south of St. Petersburg.

«Pelgorskoe M» company harvests and processes peat within more than a half of century. It operates in the Greko-Ushakinskoe fields. It includes 1 000 ha of peat bogs and locates near village Pelgor, 75 km South East from St. Petersburg. Its peat deposits are over 5 million tons.

Sphagnum peat moss of Greko-Ushakinskoe fields is known for its low degree of decomposition. It has high porosity and dehumidification, good water and gas absorbing capability, perfect antiseptic features, acid reaction, free of pathogenic bacterium, weeds and seeds. The experimental plants cultivated with use of Greko-Ushakinskoe peat are excellent in terms of juiciness, crop results, environmental protection.

The high quality of peat makes it ideal for root inhabited sphere, it gives an opportunity:

  • to monitor the plant growing process and provide for the relevant level of its mineral nutrition according to particular plant needs;
  • organic matter of the peat produces in the process of decomposition carbonic acid, which is very important for indoor planting;
  • the upper sphagnum peat has strong solid structure and does not decay in the terms of microbiology and it can be used as a soil base within three and more years.

Harvesting is carried out by passive miller and other modern sophisticated equipment produced by world leading manufacturers. Used machines and the manner of harvesting provides for saving natural organic structure of the peat moss. Peat production was inspected and positively estimated by the Dutch RHP foundation.


 Strategy of our company based on careful relation to nature, and close coordination with our customers. Any time we ready to give any information about our products and recommendations about ways of its optimal using.

      Many year experience, modern technologies, high quality professionals, these are three main parts of our Company «Pelgorskoe-M», which allows us to guarantee high quality of our production, and high level of harvest of agronomy cultures.

      Today great experience of our specialists, modern mining technologies and outstanding technical equipment allows our company to satisfy every demand of our customers by offering different agronomy production.

Due to the presence of a valuable deposit of terrestrial sphagnum peat, which is an ideal basis for the rapid growth and development of plants, the company has been producing high-quality peat products for crop production, green farming and other industrial technologies for over 70 years.