Торфопредприятие "Пельгорское-М"

Pine bark


Pine bark is used as the main component of substrates for epiphytic plants (orchid, bromelia family, some species of ferns and other plants), as well as a topsoil for indoor plants.   Improves the outflow of excess water during overflow and provides better air access to the plant roots, optimizes moisture and air exchange. Due to its high air and moisture retention capacity, it helps plants to survive forced drought periods and prevents rotting. Increases the substrate looseness, which promotes good root system development. Enriches the soil with nitrogen, oxygen, vegetable fats, wax, useful microelements and minerals. Controls the development of pathogenic flora, due to the content of a large number of phytoncides.



Mode of application
  • ready-to-use
  • ideal for growing epiphytic plants
  • can be used as the main substrate, or to create individual blocks