On customer request our Company «Pelgorskoe-M» provides delivery of production with railway, sea and road transport

Necessary parameters:



Our managers will help you to manage with all logistic problems.

All peat products are baled into different sizes of plastic bags from 5 liters up to 300 liters according to needs of the customer. Compression degree is 1 to 1.75. The sizes of packing depend on client’s desire. We can deliver products also in customer’s tare. Shipping of the peat products abroad are carried out through St. Petersburg sea port which is equipped with relevant facilities. This is the cheapest and most convenient way for transportation, as the Pelgorskoe M peat enterprise is situated 100 km from the harbor and connected with its mooring line by motor road and railway.

The public Moscow - St. Petersburg highway passes close to the plant (three km.). That allows to use for export also lorries and trailers. Trailers take about 80 – 90 cub.m. This way of transportation is economically essential for delivery within Europe. Lorries may carry out «door to door» delivery and if ferry boat communication is available, «road-ferry-road» scheme can be used.

The plant’s infrastructure includes a local branch railway line connected with Moscow - St. Petersburg public railway, that gives an opportunity to use also railway wagons to transport the products.




Euro Track

(81 m3)

Railway wagon

(49,5 m3)

Railway wagon

(90 m3

Railway wagon

(216 m3

Number of pallets



18 48

Number of piles

V 300 l



270 720

Number of packs

V 30 l

2 640

Number of packs

V 10 l


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