Business profile.

«Pelgorskoe - M» company harvests and processes peat for more than a half of century. It operates in the Greko-Ushakinskoe fields. It is located near the village of Pelgor, 75 kilometers southeast from St. Petersburg and includes 1 000 ha of peat bogs . The peat deposits at this site equal over 5 million tons.

The sphagnum peat moss of the Greko-Ushakinskoe fields is known for its low degree of decomposition. It has a high level of porosity and dehumidification, good water and gas absorbtion, has perfect antiseptic features and acid reaction. Moreover, it is free of pathogenic bacterium, weeds and seeds. Experimental plants cultivated with use of Greko-Ushakinskoe peat have excellent hydration, propagation and no environmental contaminates.

The peat's high quality gives an opportunity for:

- providing the relevant level of mineral nutrition required by any particular plant's needs and the monitoring the plant growing process;

- producing as a by product of the decomposition of the peat's organic matter, carbonic acid, which is an essential element in indoor planting;

- guarding against micro-biologic decay as the upper sphagnum peat has a solid structure which allows the soil base to be used for as many as three years.

Therefore, the peat’s high quality makes it ideal for root systems.

We harvest our peat by passive milling using modern equipment produced by the world's leading manufacturers. The manner and implements used in harvesting allow the natural organic structure of the peat moss to be preserved. Our peat production has passed inspection and high assessment by the Dutch RHP Foundation.

Today's «Pelgorskoe - M» company produces peat products which fully meet the requirements of both professional and amateur plant growers. Its products can be successfully used for growing indoors, in greenhouses and in outside. Furthermore it is perfect for the agricultural storage of seedlings and litter.


«Pelgorskoe - M» uses the most advanced technology to exploit its peat fields. The peat is milled using the most sophisticated machinery, passive millers which preserve the peat's original structure. This technique helps to save the long staple structure and reduce dust content of the peat. It is then dried and stored in protected and covered stock piles. These techniques prevent the peat from self-heating. The high quality of Pelgorskoe M's peat products is maintained from the first moments of harvesting in the fields until its utilization by customers.


«Pelgorskoe - M» is equipped with modern technological lines, produced by «Premier Tech» which produce different peat products to meet the various requirements of customers. The collected sphagnum peat moss is screened and separated into two main fractions: 0-10 mm, 0-20 mm, 10-40 mm, 20-40 mm. The fully automatic mixing line provide for a wide range of international standard nutrient mixtures and substrates according to quantity and content. In other words we can create different types of mixtures and substrates according to acidity, electro-conductivity, macro and micro elements, etc. All peat products are packaged into different sizes of plastic bags-from 5 liters up to 300 liters-to meet the various needs of our customers. The peat is compressed is 1 to 1.75 degrees. We can deliver products in client's packaging.


«Pelgorskoe - M» cooperates closely with various scientific research organizations in Russia, namely, the Russian Research Institute of the Peat Industry continually conducts analyses and certification our products. Together with the Institute of Agro-physics of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of the Russian Federation, we continue to update the technological light requirements for agriculture production using white peat substrates as indoor soil. The National Russian Institute of Horticultural Protection has certified our peat for mycological uses, as cover soil for artificially cultivated field mushrooms. The Research Institute of Microbiology has certified our peat products for microbiological uses.


We looking to build long-term business partnerships and are ready to accept orders for the delivery of very large quantities of peat moss and peat products. According to the customer's request we can produce large variety of substrates and peat products for indoor and outdoor use. We are prepared to review matters of close cooperation in marketing.

Price policy.

Our price policy is flexible and gives you an opportunity to obtain the cheapest products of European quality.

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