Торфопредприятие "Пельгорское-М"

Happy New Year!

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Congratulations on the upcoming Christmas and New Year!

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The entire team of the Pelgorskoye peat enterprise congratulates our partners, customers, colleagues in the industry, gardeners and all nature lovers on the upcoming New Year holidays!

We invite you to the exhibition

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In September, Moscow will host a long-awaited professional event for us – the International exhibition “FlowersExpo / TsvetYexpo”.

This year, more than 240 companies from 20 countries of the world are participating in the exhibition.

More information about the plan of exhibition halls and events can be found at the link:


We are participating in an international event for the first time since the pandemic and we are pleased to invite our partners, colleagues in the industry, as well as all amateur gardeners and our customers to visit our stand at the exhibition.

The event will be held from September 13 to 16 at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center.

Our stand No. 551 is located in Pavilion 1, Hall number 4. Exhibition opening hours: September 14-15, 10: 00-18: 00, September 16, 2021, 10:00-16: 00.

We really want to see you at our stand, tell you about our products and new products in 2022, so we have prepared a universal promo code for you, using which you can visit the exhibition for free during its opening hours.

Reusable promo code for free admission to the exhibition: Q711265275

You can use the promo code personally, as well as send it without restrictions to all persons interested in visiting. It gives the right to a free visit to the exhibition at Crocusexpo for 3 days + access to the online exhibition. Just go to the registration form on the exhibition website (listed above) and apply the promo code on request. He will save you 300 rubles by making registration for visiting the exhibition free of charge.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our stand and at all the events of the exhibition.

See you at the exhibition!

Today is Peatman Day in Russia

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October 28 was a professional holiday for every peatland in Russia very recently, but we are pleased to celebrate this holiday with our friends and colleagues.

Congratulations to all those involved in the conservation, extraction and processing of peat!

Professional and personal growth, high yields and high quality of raw materials and products!

“Pelgorskoye-M” in the Crimea

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The work is now frozen or stopped In many industrie, but not in the agricultural one!. Spring is short and it is impossible to miss the moment of planting. in Crimea, the sowing season began according to plan and nothing can stop it. We are glad to participate in this process, because in Crimea they plant blueberry – a rare plant in these latitudes.

The substrate for growing blueberries was developed by our experts, who took into account the climatic characteristics of the region. A lot of work was done, and we became part of an interesting experiment. We wish our partners to accomplish such a beautiful dream called “Blueberry in Crimea”!

More details in the news from the channel “Russia Crimea”.

We are 70 years old!

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In 2020, we celebrate two anniversaries: the 70th anniversary of our enterprise and the 20th anniversary of its recent history.

       The history of our enterprise began a few years after World War II – in 1950. The question of the need for low-cost energy resources to ensure the vital activities of the region arose during the time of growth of the national economy in Leningrad and the Leningrad Region. The government of the country decided to develop peat deposits. Saint-Petersburg’s government has allocated tremendous resources: money, equipment and people. They even built a village specifically for the enterprise. In 1953, about 5,000 hectares of peat extraction area were put into the work. Almost all of the extracted peat is supplied to the thermoelectric power station of the Leningrad Region. After that some of the farms of the Tosnensky district became buyers, using peat both for open ground and as bedding for livestock.

Read the continuation of the article here

You should by in 2020

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In 2020, “Morris Green” (™) soil was traditionally selected for examination for quality control. The results delight us again. “Morris Green” soil “For the cultivation of cucumbers, zucchini, squash” is recognized as a product of decent quality.

We are providing excerpt from the article of the “Petereburgskoe kachestvo” (Saint-Peteresburg quality) web site on the conduct and results of the examination. The full article can be found here.

The St. Petersburg Public Organization of Consumers “Public Control” annually purchases samples of packaged soils and examines them for compliance with the stated information on the packaging in the branch of Federal State Institution “Rosselkhoztsentr” in the Leningrad Region. Every year in 70–80% of the samples various violations are detected. This year’s examination was not an exception: seven out of ten soil samples tested in the laboratory did not meet the technical specifications stated on the packaging.

According to test reports, only three samples were fully consistent with labeling data. By the way, their price was significantly lower than the cost of samples with high humidity, poor and unbalanced composition. So, “Public Control” can recommend the purchase of Morris Green soil “For the cultivation of cucumbers, zucchini, squash” (Pelgorskoye-M LLC).