Торфопредприятие "Пельгорское-М"
About Us

«Pelgorskoe – M» is equipped with modern technological lines, produced by «Premier Tech» which produce different peat products to meet the various requirements of customers.

The collected sphagnum peat moss is screened and separated into two main fractions: 0-10 mm, 0-20 mm, 10-40 mm, 20-40 mm. The fully automatic mixing line provide for a wide range of international standard nutrient mixtures and substrates according to quantity and content. In other words we can create different types of mixtures and substrates according to acidity, electro-conductivity, macro and micro elements, etc. 

All peat products are packaged into different sizes of plastic bags-from 5 liters up to 300 liters-to meet the various needs of our customers. The peat is compressed is 1 to 1.75 degrees. We can deliver products in client’s packaging.