Торфопредприятие "Пельгорское-М"
About Us

The company “Pelgorskoe-M” is constantly developing new fields. So, a few years ago, we developed a field of high-level sphagnum peat, whose reserves today amount to more than five million tons. This type of peat is characterized by high porosity (up to 95%) and moisture capacity, excellent water-holding and absorption capacity, buffering, high sorption capacity and low bulk density.

The company produces peat products for various industrial technologies:

  • crop production (the protected, open ground)
  • vegetable growing
  • floriculture
  • cultivation of mushrooms
  • cultivation of green cultures
  • livestock production
  • storage of agricultural products

The peat's high quality gives an opportunity for:

  • providing the relevant level of mineral nutrition required by any particular plant's needs and the monitoring the plant growing process;
  • producing as a by product of the decomposition of the peat's organic matter, carbonic acid, which is an essential element in indoor planting;
  • guarding against micro-biologic decay as the upper sphagnum peat has a solid structure which allows the soil base to be used for as many as three years.

Therefore, the peat’s high quality makes it ideal for root systems.

We harvest our peat by passive milling using modern equipment produced by the world’s leading manufacturers. The manner and implements used in harvesting allow the natural organic structure of the peat moss to be preserved. Our peat production has passed inspection and high assessment by the Dutch RHP Foundation.

Today’s «Pelgorskoe – M» company produces peat products which fully meet the requirements of both professional and amateur plant growers. Its products can be successfully used for growing indoors, in greenhouses and in outside. Furthermore it is perfect for the agricultural storage of seedlings and litter.