Our company extracts and processes peat. Company has Greko-Ushakovskoye 1000 hectares square peat deposit which is located 75 kilometers from Saint-Petersburg.

      As we have very important and valuable deposit of upper sphagnum peat, which is ideal base for rapid grow and evolution of different plants, our company has been producing high quality peat production for agronomy industry.

      Today great experience of our specialists, modern mining technologies and outstanding technical equipment allows our company to satisfy every demand of our customers by offering different agronomy production.

      Strategy of our company based on careful relation to nature, and close coordination with our customers. Any time we ready to give any information about our products and recommendations about ways of its optimal using.

      Many year experience, modern technologies, high quality professionals, these are three main parts of our Company «Pelgorskoe-M», which allows us to guarantee high quality of our production, and high level of harvest of agronomy cultures.

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